What skills and qualities must a live chat agent possess?

Live chat agent skills and qualities

Every business has its own peculiarities, and what works on live chat for one will not necessarily work for the other. However, some traits are common to all good customer support agents, and, no matter what the volume or nature of your business, you will want to look for these in people you hire or select for your customer support service. This is non-exhaustive list, and you are welcome to add to it by sending in your comments to us via Facebook or email.

Fast, accurate typer

– Typing speed of over 60 words per minute – so the agent can easily handle over two text chats simultaneously. Greater productivity means lowered costs per call and per agent. Typos are a no-no!

Good communicator

– Good writing skills. Knowing how to structure sentences, and not use abbreviations and colloquialisms is primordial, as is a good grasp of grammar rules. We cannot stress this enough.

Happy to Help

– A friendly and helpful disposition goes a long way in maintaining a healthy shopping help service that people are likely to recommend, and come back for!


– An agent who leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that customers are satisfied with your brand and your customer service, and for whom doing a little extra for the customer is never too much.

Calm, positive

– Can remain positive and patient even in difficult situations. It is more than likely that there will be customers and situations that become trying despite even the best customer service. An agent who can keep calm and also reassure an unhappy customer could defuse any situation likely to turn ugly.

Sales talk

– Being able to up-sell and cross-sell convincingly should be part of every agent’s bag of tricks. They should be able to introduce a sales argument where possible, without being pushy.

Computer savvy

– Needless to say, they should be very, very comfortable with the internet and all things online and computer-related. You should not need to provide training for this!

These are just some of the skills and qualities we think you should look at when hiring new agents or selecting them from amongst your existing staff. Did we miss anything? What other qualities and skills do you think are important in any customer service agent? Which ranks highest in your list? Let us know.


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