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Do you provide legal services? Are you a consultancy? Are you a recruitment agency? Does the conversion rate of your business depend on human contact? Are you interested having prospective candidates reach out to you? Is human interaction a key factor in your sales? Does your company want to catch the cream of young graduates as they enter the job market?  Do you do a lot of recruiting?


If you answered yes to any of the above, you need VideoDesk live text, voice & video chat to get your business connected and visible to the right prospects. It’s also a great way to beat the competition. Nothing says you are the company to work for more than friendly, motivational live contact with current employees. From small online shops to some of the world’s largest companies and corporate houses, companies are increasingly adopting live chat to improve their customer services. VideoDesk brings the human face of your business to your prospective clients, employees and customers. It’s easy, it’s efficient and it’s proven to be more effective than any other online customer service for boosting sales, conversions, loyalty, customer happiness and brand sentiment.


Immediate & Efficient

Besides the efficiency of dealing with several prospects at the same time (such as on text chat), you are also able to answer far more queries because often people won’t take the time to send in an email.  It is also cheaper than phone calls, and much more reactive and effective than email conversations. Both you and your customers will be able to get immediate answers to your questions and not have to waste time writing several emails and making phone calls to decide whether you have found the right fit for your needs. A quick text chat or a short video chat call is a highly efficient way of weeding out inappropriate candidates and clients and ensuring your staff are not buried under a sea of irrelevant emails.

Easy-to-install, Easy-to-use

VideoDesk live chat software can be installed on any website in under 5 minutes. It is also simple and intuitive to use, and can be easily adopted by your support staff or employees. For larger businesses we have a comprehensive Corporate Plan where we provide agent training for optimized resource utilization.

Secure Conversations

You and your visitors can be assured of total privacy in your discussions. We understand and respect user privacy, which is why VideoDesk works with certified SSL encryption to ensure all data shared via our chat windows is private.

Powerful features, customized module

VideoDesk live chat is much more than a chat software – it is a veritable tool box of sophisticated features that allows you to know who your visitors are, how they came to your site, which pages they have browsed; push files and videos for a personalized support experience; record all chats and conversations; save chat notes and information on every chat customer; block unwanted visitors who regularly send you spam chat messages; co-handle your customer’s mouse and take them through your website and show them the right plans or products for them, and so on. In other words, it makes online customer service like being face-to-face with your online visitors.  Depending on the plan you subscribe to, you can customize your chat window colors and text or even make it entirely yours as a white label service.


VideoDesk is an innovative SaaS company trusted by thousands of businesses worldwide. Our live chat solution is available in 11 languages and we can customize and build a solution for any business in any industry in any part of the world. We have super value plans for all business sizes, and we also provide reactive and enthusiastic support for over 18hrs/day.

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