Why you need to get live chat support on your online store

Most businesses fail miserably in providing friendly, human customer service on their online stores even though they are very particular about doing so in their brick & mortar stores. Online visitors often do not become customers because they do not immediately get the right answers to their questions while they shop, so, not having found what they are looking for, they click away to competitor websites.

Live support is the new online customer service buzzword that is making customers love online shopping across the world. Here are just a few reasons why you need to hop onto the bandwagon and get live chat support on your website.

Live chat increases sales

Customers whose doubts are cleared and who receive answers to their questions while they shop are more likely to go through with a purchase. They are also more open to cross-selling and upselling once an agent has engaged them in a helpful conversation.

Live chat helps you provide support to more people at the same time

This is especially true of text chat where a single agent can sometimes effectively handle over 4 chat requests at once. Increased efficiency means lowered costs and many more happy customers per agent than is possible with traditional support such as call centers. In fact, video chat has been proven to be more effective than both text and phone chat in closing complex sales.

Live chat reduces call center costs

Increased efficiency increases the number of resolved issues per agent, thereby reducing your cost per agent.

Live chat makes happier customers

If you get live chat for your website, it means you will immediately be in touch with your customers, thereby drastically reducing response time. Satisfied visitors are potential customers, and happy customers are potentially returning customers.

Live chat helps you sell proactively

Sophisticated tools in some live chat solutions such as videodesk, give you a better understanding of what your customers are looking for and what pages they have visited on your site.  Knowing your customers’ needs better helps you sell and up-sell better for higher-value carts.

Live chat provides you with in-depth customer feedback

During and after chats, customers will provide you valuable insights into their shopping experience on your website. You can save chats and all this feedback to serve your customers better when they return. It also gives you a better understanding of your online support experience, and what’s working or not working for your customers.

Live chat gives your business a competitive advantage

Even though a lot of companies are adopting live help for online support, you may find that a lot of your competitors have not done so yet. This gives you a clear advantage over them because you will be able to provide immediate, real time help to your customers and get them to validate their carts before they change their minds or decide to click away.

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